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In Austin, the capital of Texas, there are a handful of wealthy, urban enclaves that are the living embodiments of the American Dream. One such tony precinct is Tarrytown (not to be confused with the village in Westchester County in New York), previously a postwar neighborhood where a parcel of land went for $1,250. Today, add 3 zeros and in the place of modest bungalows from the 1950s, you’ll find tasteful homes that are too big for their lots, fronted by immaculate lawns. …

Only the most desperate and poor Latin Americans — often from indigenous communities — travel to the northern, U.S. border to claim asylum. In this essay, I’ll delve into some of the complex reasons for this exodus and how Americans are contributing to it. I’ll use the example of the state of Michoacan in Mexico as a microcosm of the crisis in Latin America.

Michoacan, Mexico

El Rosario sanctuary is one of a handful of pine groves in the Sierra Madre mountains of Central Mexico that serve as the terminus for monarch butterflies arriving from Canada and the United States on their…

Rio Bravo

I travel. I see. I write. I don’t have a dog in this fight.

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